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Tired of using your webcam and a USB mic to get your content out there? Join the Creators’ Club to have monthly access to a top-tier production team and release videos that show what you can really do. With The Kalamazoo Creators’ Club, you can now release consistent, high-quality content every month to grow your creative brand. 

Sessions Start at $100*

All Sessions Include:

Sharable Content

With Creators’ Club, you get one, high-quality, live recording in our top-of-the-line recording studio. Record multiple takes and then pick the best one!

Modern Video

We record you in 4K with our high-end, cinema-quality camera.We professionally light you so you look incredible! You know, just a touch above your laptop webcam :) 

Amazing Audio

We’ll record multi-track audio with our world-class microphone locker as well as mix & master your favorite take. Go ahead and toss that webcam mic out the window.

*$100 for groups of 1-3 members. $150 for groups of 4-6 members. Minimum of 3 month commitment required. Overneath will record, film, mix, master, and edit one performance per month, per artist/group. Sessions are limited to 30 minutes of recording. Each artist/group will perform a few takes of their chosen piece and choose their best take to have produced into the final product.

Join the "Club".

Perfect for a solo musician, band, public speaker, vlogger…or just about any type of creative. If you need regular content to reach your fans – come and join the “Club”.

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