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Tired of using your webcam and a USB mic to get your content out there? Join the Creators’ Club to have monthly access to a top-tier production team and release videos that show what you can really do. With a subscription to The Kalamazoo Creators’ Club, you can now release consistent, high-quality content every month to grow your creative brand. 

Subscriptions Start at $100*

All Subscriptions Include:

Monthly Sharable Content

As a Creators’ Club subscriber, every month you get one, high-quality, live recording in our top-of-the-line recording studio. Record multiple takes and then pick the best one!

Modern Video

We record you in 4K with our high-end, cinema-quality camera. You know, just a touch above your laptop webcam :) Oh, also, we professionally light you so you look incredible!

Amazing Audio

We’ll record multi-track audio with our world-class microphone locker as well as mix & master your favorite take. Go ahead and toss that webcam mic out the window.

*$100/month for groups of 1-3 members. $150/month for groups of 4-6 members. Minimum of 3 month commitment required. Overneath will record, film, mix, master, and edit one performance per month (per subscription) per artist/group. Sessions are limited to 30 minutes of recording. Each artist/group will perform a few takes of their chosen piece and choose their best take to have produced into the final product.

We currently are not accepting new Creator’s Club members, but check back soon for your chance to join!

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