Custom Music Creation & Custom Arrangements

Plenty of Expertise.

With a degree in jazz guitar performance and a masters in music composition, Gordon, our staff composer, can create or arrange incredible music in practically any genre. He has experience composing indie rock, mellow acoustic guitar, rock, jazz, R&B, classical, and epic movements for full orchestra.



Having trouble finding the perfect song for your brand, ad campaign, radio spot, podcast, or commercial? Or maybe the perfect song is way too expensive? Overneath can create a completely original composition for you and customize it until you love it. And if you’d like, you can own exclusive rights to your song so no one else can use it, ever.

A Sample Of Our Custom Tracks

Custom Arrangements.

Have a song you’d like arranged for your special event? Your favorite song composed for piano? A pop song you’d like arranged for a string quartet? A complex piece you’d like transcribed? Sure, we can do that.

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