House instruments are always moving through Overneath. Most often including a Grand Piano, Upright Piano, Rhodes Keyboard, Wurlitzer Organ, Drum Sets, Acoustic and Electric stringed instruments, Guitar Amps, Drum Set, and a variety of Percussion.

Our House Grand Piano

Steinway & Sons Model D Concert Grand

In collaboration with the Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra we host a beautiful, brand new full grand piano in our studio which can be used by you at your next recording session!

Our House Rhodes

1970s 73-key Rhodes Mk1

If you need that classic Rhodes sound for your jazz, gospel, or R&B track, she’s available for use at any recording session!

Our House Drum Kit

Mapex Meridian, Birch Kit

Birch is a fantastic wood for studio drums as it is extremely versatile in terms of style. Our Mapex Meridan birch kit features a 22″ kick and a 4-tom setup including 10″ and 12″ racks and 14″ and 16″ floors as well as a 14″ snare. The birch brings out a lot of beautiful tone for genres like folk, rock, pop, and alternative.

House cymbals include 18″ Sabian XSR and 16″ Zildjan fast crashes, a Zildjan 21″ sweet ride, and a set of 13″ Zildjan Hats.

Our House Organ

Hammond 50th anniversary Organ

For that classic analog organ sound, our Hammond 50th Anniversary helps you pull out all the stops (pun DEFINITELY intended). While this organ does have some random digital sounds built in for fun, it still boasts the mechanical stops that give wind-organs their natural tone.

Upright Piano

Kohler Pianos

The upright piano has a very specific tone and texture and our Kohler gets you just that. It holds its tuning very well while still giving you that raw and
unique quality we are used to from upright pianos.

Vintage Speaker Cabinet

Leslie 147 Speaker Cabinet

They say nothing can replicate that classic Leslie sound. We agree. So we house a vintage Leslie 147. After updating the amp tubes, this organ sings beautifully for anything from organs to guitars.


Along with the house instruments comes world class microphones, pre-amps, converters and processors. The creative staff at Overneath offer a wide range of musical and professional experience and know how to use the space and equipment to get the sound you want.


Avalon, Focusrite

Millenia, EV

Music Group

Presonus, True

Universal Audio


Pro Tools 12 HD

Logic Studio 9

Sibelius 8


P16 Personal Monitoring System


AKG, Alesis

Focal, JBL





AKG, Audix


DPA, Miktek

Mojave, Neumann

Rode, Royer

Sennheiser, Shure


FET Compressors

Opto Compressors

VCA Compressors

Cassette Tape


Antares, Avid

East-West, Lexicon

Omnisphere, FabFilter

IK Multimedia, AIR

Slate Digital, Toontrack

Sonnox, Waves

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