“Success is not final… Failure is not fatal… it’s courage to continue that counts”

“Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm”

“Never give up on something that you can’t go a day without thinking about”

“Never, never, never give up”

– Winston Churchill

Dreams and ambitions are amazing and dangerous things. I have seen people follow their dreams to the top of the mountain and to the bottom of the pit. I have seen ambition ruin marriages (including my parents) and I have seen ambition change the world. Goals can be lofty and beyond reason – like me at a buffet when I fill that first plate (and third plate) way past the brim. And the finish line may seem too distant to see… which is probably why many of us don’t like marathons… or half-marathons…  or 5ks…. or even .005ks (I don’t run).

Winston Churchill and his fellow heads-of-state contemporaries knew more than many what it meant to believe in, hope for, and strive for a goal. In the face of tremendous evil and probably failure, the leaders of that generation stood up to tyranny and darkness and dared to fight against the odds and against the likelihood of failure. In the midst of that, Mr. Churchill gave us some incredible quotes about success and failure…

Certainly, nothing most of us are going through can even compare to the history impacting situation that affected so many lives, but most of us have some sort of dream inside that drives us. Each of us have a goal that we are trying to achieve… from the 3-year old stacking boxes to reach the cookie jar, to the CEO looking to storm the financial market.

Three and a half years ago, we began a small dream.

After graduating from Western Michigan University with a degree in music composition and a part-time job as a worship leader at a church plant, I had a dream to start my own business in music and audio production and officially registered and personally financed the start of GvG Productions. Drew and Michael, returning to Kalamazoo from Dallas and Memphis respectively, wanted to join forces to start a creative video company and purchased some equipment from a former professor to start Overneath Media.

Over the next years, both companies would work side by side taking any client we could, offering all the services we could muster, working side jobs until finally taking the risk of working at this dream full-time. Hundreds of clients later; successes mixed with failures; risks and rewards; mistakes and triumphs; laughter and tears… and we come to 2014…

Today announces the official merger of GvG Productions with Overneath Media to create the Overneath Creative Collective.

Our youthful dream to own and operate a contemporary creative production company are taking a tremendous leap into adulthood. We now have clients from multi-billion dollar companies, produce video, audio, photo, and music for artists and businesses around West Michigan, and operate one of the largest and most versatile recording studios in the midwest.

To all those whose dreams seem too big; too far; too silly; too improbable… listen to Mr. Churchill and never give up. It’s imporant not to trample on the world or people around you to achieve it (Hitler had a dream too…), but don’t give up the passions that make you alive. You were designed and given gifts and abilities that only you can do. Stop being afraid and stop comparing yourself to others. Nobody can offer what you can offer. Nobody can be who you can be. Whether your dream is to work a good job so you can focus on your passion for family, or you want to start “Orange” a high end computer company that will take the tech world by storm… don’t give up. Work with your fellow man. Share your self with the world around. Trust in your creator that He made you for a reason… and that reason is uniquely beautiful.

We continue to trust.

We continue to hope.

We continue to create.


We are the Overneath Creative Collective.


-Gordon van Gent

Creative Director of Sounds