One thing we love at Overneath is when a client gives us complete creative control over a video. I’m happy to say that through the years Centerpoint Church has offered us just that opportunity. It has allowed us to stretch ourselves in every aspect of filmmaking and is a ton of fun. Generally these end up needing a very quick turn around, somewhere on the order of 1-2 weeks. Not only are we responsible for filming and producing, but we usually end up doing most of the acting as well. You might see a few familiar faces :)

#1 Reliability of Scripture // December 2015

Nowadays people not only read the bible in its paper form, but also read/listen to it on their electronic devices. Centerpoint asked us to make a video depicting different people using a variety of methods to interact with the bible that could go along with their sermon series “The Reliability of Scripture.” So we gathered up a few of our employees and had them act out different scenarios of what that might look like.

We intentionally added in a lot of motion to each shot using our shoulder mount and monopod to give the footage a raw human element. The cool thing about the soundtrack is that it was composed, recorded, and mastered by Gordon in our recording studio.

#2 Follow Me // September 2015

In the Bible, Jesus is constantly asking people to follow him. So, it makes sense that Centerpoint would run a sermon series on that very topic. We created this video with that exact purpose in mind. When Centerpoint approached us about the video they had already written the script and asked us to come up with a way to visually show someone following a leader.

Because it was fall at the time, we all instantly agreed that we needed to film it outside. Drew Bremer mentioned that he loves to walk his dog out by Asylum Lake, and he knew the trails pretty well. We decided to focus on a hiking guide leading a bunch of people through the trails. I had a bunch of hiking gear at home, so we planned out a few shots and headed out.

#3 Everyday Heroes // October 2014

Everyone loves a superhero story and that really made working on this video so much fun. The only direction we had was that it needed to fit the theme of the sermon series at the time titled “Everyday Heroes.” Centerpoint was trying to empower its members by showing them how anyone can be a hero no matter what stage of life they are in.

Drew Raklovits had the idea to comedically re-intact what it looks and feels like to be an “Everyday Hero.” As Drew was writing the script it quickly became apparent that we needed an epic movie trailer voice for the voiceover. That’s when we called on my friend Jeff Jones and he came to our rescue. His voice was exactly what we were looking for. Also we want to thank our friend Jessica Concannon for volunteering as our damsel in distress. Michael was the perfect character for this video and he did a great job with the over-the-top acting.

#4 Christmas Un-Cut // November 2014

Centerpoint approached us about making a video to advertise their upcoming Christmas sermon series. They wanted to incorporate movie clips into each sermon. They told us that they wanted it to look like a group of people going to the movies while also including the line: “I wonder what this movie says about Christmas?” and “I wonder what the bible has to say about Christmas?”

Because we were on a very limited budget we weren’t able to film at an actual movie theater. So, we had to improvise. We decided to try to make the pews at the church look like a movie theater. The “people” in the background are actually props that Centerpoint had made out of Styrofoam and we repurposed as extras in the background. Why use props instead of people you ask? Really it was just because we thought it was funny.

We only had two sets of three people so we actually ended up having to move them around a lot so that they were in the background of each shot. For the lighting we used three 1×1 bicolor LED panels and adjusted the color on one of them every so often to mimic the light of a movie theater screen. You might also notice that the audio in the background is actually the audio from the Everyday Heroes video.    

#5 To be continued…

I realized while putting this blog post together that 4 videos just wasn’t enough. Keep a lookout for the next blog in this series to see Michael get shot by a sheriff and my personal favorite, a parody of NBC’s The Office starring Gordon Van Gent.

-Brian Strombeck, Director of Photography for Overneath