We are so glad we had a chance to take these photos before Evangeline came! A few months ago we set out around Kalamazoo to capture these beautiful and fun shots of Gordon and Dannie right before they welcomed their daughter. Everything was shot either at their home in Westwood or at Asylum Lake near Stadium Dr. and 131. 

This was the first time we have had the privilege of doing maternity photos, but we would LOVE to do it more often!


This is one of my (Drew’s) favorites. I love how it creates such wonderful detail and softly highlights Dannie’s figure. 
G & D Maternity-1
G & D Maternity-2 G & D Maternity-6 G & D Maternity-7 G & D Maternity-8 G & D Maternity-9 G & D Maternity-10



I also love this shot, such joy. I’m pretty sure I just pointed the camera and said “Gordon…..make her laugh”, and then he started dancing all slow and wiggly.

G & D Maternity-11 G & D Maternity-12 G & D Maternity-13 G & D Maternity-14 G & D Maternity-15

I can’t get over how perfect this turned out.
G & D Maternity-16 G & D Maternity-17

Two words. Yes and yes.
G & D Maternity-18 G & D Maternity-19