At Overneath we love working with Centerpoint Church. They really allow us to get our creative juices flowing. In Part 1 of this blog series I wrote about four of our favorite creative church videos we’ve made for them. I realized while putting that blog together that four just wasn’t enough, so here are four more.

#1 The Great Descent (Colossians)

I wish I could say we filmed the opening shot of this video, but we didn’t. Unfortunately, Centerpoint couldn’t afford to send us to Rio De Janeiro. The premise of this video was to create something that had a “Christmassy” feel for the visuals and Colossians 1: 15-20 as the voiceover.

We started off by brainstorming shots we thought would work well, went online and quickly found stock footage that matched those ideas. From that stock footage we created a pre-visualization video. This really allowed us to identify what types of images worked really well (or not) with the soundtrack and voiceover. From there we selected the shots that could be recreated and filmed them. We purchased only what we didn’t have the resources to pull off ourselves.

As a result of going through this process we were able to knock out the filming and editing really quickly because we went into it with such a focused plan of attack. All of the Christmas light and nativity shots were filmed in Bronson Park and other locations around downtown Kalamazoo while all of the candle and Christmas tree shots were filmed in our studio. We also incorporated a couple of clips that Drew Raklovits filmed when he was in Israel a few years ago.


#2 The Lord’s Prayer

This was another video where Centerpoint provided a script and gave us creative freedom to bring it to life however we saw fit. We did most of our work on this video in pre-production. Similar to The Great Descent, we made a pre-visualization video with stock images and a mock voiceover to see how the shots we were imagining would work out.

We ended up using only four of the stock video clips, everything else was filmed by Overneath. The soundtrack for this video was also composed, recorded, and mastered by Gordon in the Overneath Studio.


#3 The Good the Bad and the Ugly

It’s not everyday you get to film a western standoff. For this video, pastor Jeff Porte wanted us to take some clips of his voice from an actual sermon he had given and edit it together to create a story. They also wanted it to have a western feel to match the sermon series titled “The Good the Bad and the Ugly.”

To us, nothing seems more like a western movie then a good ole fashioned showdown, am I right? The symbolism was perfect. The bad guy dressed in black represents the Devil who’s trying to steal, kill, and destroy us while the sheriff represents God who confronts him and wins the battle. We rented two costumes from the local Halloween store and got to filming.


#4 Core Training

It’s safe to say that all of us at Overneath love watching NBC’s The Office. Gordon especially loves it. If you come to visit us, you’ll often hear it playing in the background as Gordon is setting up for a recording session or when he’s eating lunch.

When Centerpoint approached us about creating a video that paralleled how building a strong core is essential to reaching top physical condition with how a strong spiritual core is essential to becoming more like Christ, we instantly thought of filming it like The Office. This video is what resulted.


Brian Strombeck, Director of Photography
Overneath Creative Collective