If you break down all the business-y, financial jargon that we should probably take into consideration (cost-based pricing, short-term vs. long-term profits, return-on-investment, sustainability, value, demand, competition…blah, blah, blah), non-profit and ministry clients are not “worth” it.

Think about it – we give significant discounts to the non-profit clients we work with. Our margins are slim. The effort is the same. Deadlines are tight. There’s got to be a TED Talks somewhere that says this a bad business decision.

So, why in the world would we continue to pour into this type of work?

When OVERNEATH launched we asked the simple question; what moves you?  We often have to ask ourselves the same. What moves us? What stirs our passion? What inspires us?

From the very beginning of our company, Michael, Gordon, and I decided that we would always offer affordable, high-quality visuals and sounds for non-profits and ministries. Not because we’re so awesome and desire the praise of man – but because that is where our hearts beat.

Honesty Bomb: I wrote this blog because I often forget this. There are countless times where I am editing a non-profit video and frustration, laziness, or anxiety start to creep in because of the reasons I mentioned in the beginning of this post.

But then – I complete the project.

I lean back in my chair and it hits me – it is such a privilege to be able to creatively tell the stories of people who are changing the world. Whether they are fighting against sex trafficking, raising awareness for drug abuse, or caring for the orphan – we are honored to contribute in the smallest of ways.

So, does non-profit work make sense from a strictly business standpoint? No.

Is there value and fulfillment outside of “business worth?” Absolutely.

I recently heard a lyric by Lecrae that says, “Are you making money – or a difference?”

I give anyone who reads this permission to slap me if I only seek the former.


   Drew // Creative Director of Visuals

Overneath has been fortunate to work with non-profits and ministries in Kalamazoo and West Michigan all the way to Bosnia, Israel, Uganda, and Kenya. Personally, I have had the privilege of serving on the Board of Directors for Prevention Works and Tree of Life School.