With media being consumed at unprecedented (tired of that word yet?) rates, there has never been a better time to begin using professional video to get your message out there. Here are a few things to consider before start.


Investing in anything requires the cost to benefit analysis. The reason companies like Nike and McDonalds spend MILLIONS on video advertising is because they know that it will result in BILLIONS in sales. It can be hard to see immediately when you are looking to start your first campaigns. But when you put your dollars in the right places, you will see far more dollars come back to you.


If you are selling custom molds for dirt bike rotors, showing broadcast video ads to 10 year olds watching Spongebob may not be a great investment. Part of hiring marketing consultants and researchers is discovering where your audience is and how they best will absorb your message. You may discover that facebook ads are not as effective as direct emails. Or that short ads on YouTube are more effective than paper mailers. Be sure, when you are investing your money, that it’s going to the most effective places.


While these skillsets are not mutually exclusive, be aware of what you need and what you are purchasing. A creative team will take your desired message and help design the look, the feel, and the overall vision for the video.  A production team specializes in the technical aspects of making that vision become a reality. If you don’t know the best way to get your message out there, work with a creative team to help design your video in a way that best fits your culture and product. And if you have a team with the creative chops to design your message, focus on a production team that won’t try to reshape your hard worked concept into something in their own image. Or if you need… find one that does both! (#ShamelessPlugForOverneathCreative)


Like so many other products in the world, the better quality the product, the more money it tends to cost. While deal shopping will sometimes reveal a diamond in the rough, more often than not… you get what you pay for. Understanding what you NEED is the key. If you are looking for a short video for a few specific people, you may not need to pay for the highest quality directors, animators, DPs, and stylists. But if you are looking to compete in the visual market with Apple, Doritos, and Ford, then investing in professional actors, cinematic equipment, sound design, and motion graphics will be necessary. 


Consider your ultimate goal in your video marketing campaign and how you will measure success. Are you looking for an increase in sales? Measure it. Are you looking for brand awareness with clicks or views? Measure it. Are you looking to interactions and responses? Measure it. There is a reason so many top brands ask their customers “How did you hear about us?” They want to know which marketing focus is working.